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​SP Ranches sales Registered Tamworth Pigs  for Breeding, Pure Blood Tamworth Pigs, as well as Butcher Pigs.

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​​​"The bacon is the best I've ever tasted. Thick and meaty and not too salty. It is fabulous!"

--Andrea C.

What are Tamworth Pigs

The Tamworth pigs are one of the world’s oldest pig breeds and is a direct descendant of the European wild boar. This breed originated in Ireland and were exported to the Midlands of England where they take their take the name from the town Tamworth in Staffordshire.
The Tamworth pigs are a red colored breed ranging for red-orange to deep red. They are deep-sided hogs and not as wide-backed as hogs of a thicker breed. The ham is muscular and firm. The Tamworth pigs have a good bone structure, strong feet and great hardiness.
The Tamworth is a very hardy animal and are good mothers. They are particularly suited for grazing, salvaging crops or following behind grazing cattle. They are disease resistant and tolerant of extreme temperatures. Primarily a bacon-pig, the Tamworth pigs declined in popularity because of competition from modern breeders, as it is not suitable for the intensive confined rearing methods. The Tamworth pigs are highly adaptable and suited to both quality pork and bacon production, particularly in grazing operations.

​"I just wanted to let you know that your pork ribs, served on Christmas Eve, were a big hit.  The picture is of their "out-of-the-oven" look which didn't last long as people dug in.  The ribs were slow oven roasted, a reduction of pan juices, and BBQ sauce mixed in."

​-- Judy T

SP Ranches Tamworth Pigs

The Tamworth pigs have been a wonderful addition to SP Ranches. SP Ranches is  building a quality herd of Tamworth Pigs with diverse blood lines as we help to continue to help  bring back the Tamworth Pig. Offering registered Tamworth breeding stock, pure breed Tamworth Pigs as well as  butcher pigs.  SP Ranches also offers USDA Inspected Tamworth Pastured Pork.   At SP Ranches the norm is far different than the norm on most farms and ranches in our area.  With the desire to raise our animals on "Pasture" not confined, raise healthy yet happy animals that provide us with healthy quality pastured meat, in a setting that reminds you of the past. Pecans, Acorns, and many other things pigs like to forage for are all part of their daily diet. The Tam's diet is also supplemented with Non-GMO feed.  The Tamworth Pigs of SP Ranches Tamworth Valley are something  special.

"SP Ranches has the best meat I've ever had! The bacon is so thick and juicy. I love that they have different varieties of sausage and each flavor I have tried has been extremely flavorful!"

--​Jenny C.

SP Ranches Tamworth Pigs