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​​​"The bacon is the best I've ever tasted. Thick and meaty and not too salty. It is fabulous!"

--Andrea C.

​"I just wanted to let you know that your pork ribs, served on Christmas Eve, were a big hit.  The picture is of their "out-of-the-oven" look which didn't last long as people dug in.  The ribs were slow oven roasted, a reduction of pan juices, and BBQ sauce mixed in."

​-- Judy T

SP Ranches Tamworth Pigs

SP Ranches Located in North Texas is family owned and operated by the Staggs family.  ​SP Ranches is a member of the Tamworth Swine Association.

The Tamworth Pigs that live at SP Ranches are raised on pasture eating Texas native grasses and other things pigs love to eat. We supplement our pigs diet with a  GMO Free feed which is also antibiotic free as well as Organic Hay.

No Chemicals, Fertilizers, Steroids or Hormones are ever used at SP Ranches.

AT SP Ranches we use a method of Mob Grazing with our Tamworth Pigs which allows our land time to heal after the Tams are moved to their new pasture. When it's time for the pigs to be moved to a new pasture, they are moved one herd at a time, in a very peaceful manor by allowing the pigs to take their time and move in a way that they want.  We do not allow yelling, prodding, chasing, striking or anything that would stress our Tams at any time or be considered as abusive.  Our Tamworth's receive Love and Attention which also helps them live a Happy Stress Free Life.   

SP Ranches is very selective from whom we buy new breeding boars or sows from. When new breeding stock arrives we have 1/4 acre pastures we place them in.  This allows us to monitor the new Breeding stock the to ensure no diseases are brought into the pigs raised at SP Ranches. This also allows time for the new breeding stock to get use to us and their new home. No other breed of pig is raised at SP Ranches.

"SP Ranches has the best meat I've ever had! The bacon is so thick and juicy. I love that they have different varieties of sausage and each flavor I have tried has been extremely flavorful!"

--​Jenny C.

SP Ranches Tamworth Pig Breeders