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​Certified Tamworth Pork Cuts

One of our Tamworth Heritage pigs

-​Registered Tamworth Breeding Piglet  $350.00

-Tamworth Feeder Piglet  $275.00

Tamworth Butcher Pigs are Sold by Hanging Weight  

-Side of Tamworth Pig  $4.50/lb.

-Whole Tamworth Pig $4.00/lb. 

​​​"The bacon is the best I've ever tasted. Thick and meaty and not too salty. It is fabulous!"

--Andrea C.

SP Ranches raises all of our Tamworth Pigs on pasture. Hot wire training adds a great benefit which allows us to mob graze Tamworth Valley moving our pigs easily and stress freely to a new pasture when necessary.  Our pigs move thru Tamworth Valley foraging on grass, roots, acorns, persimmons, pecans, and other natural things that are in a pigs diet.  To continue with the healthy diet our Tamworth Pigs diet is supplemented with Organic Hay and a GMO Free feed. 

A lot of  time is spent with our pigs daily giving belly rubs, sitting in the pastures with one of the herds, as well as making sure our Tamworth pigs live in a stress free environment. 

​"I just wanted to let you know that your pork ribs, served on Christmas Eve, were a big hit.  The picture is of their "out-of-the-oven" look which didn't last long as people dug in.  The ribs were slow oven roasted, a reduction of pan juices, and BBQ sauce mixed in."

​-- Judy T

SP Ranches Tamworth Pigs

SP Ranches Located in North Texas is family owned and operated raising Registered Tamworth Pigs since 2015. ​SP Ranches is a member of the Tamworth Swine Association selling registered breeder pigs, feeder pigs, and butcher pigs. Use our SHOP NOW button below to see the Tamworth Certified Pork Cuts we offer.

"SP Ranches has the best meat I've ever had! The bacon is so thick and juicy. I love that they have different varieties of sausage and each flavor I have tried has been extremely flavorful!"

--​Jenny C.

SP Ranches Tamworth Pig Breeders