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While pastured pork is better for your health overall, it is particularly known for its heart health benefits. These benefits include:

  • Health fatty acids
  • More vitamins and minerals
  • Leaner pork
  • No hormones or chemicals
  • More Omega-3s
  • Higher fat-quality

pastured Heritage Tamworth pigs


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health benefits

Tamworth Pigs were the second addition to SP Ranches in 2014 and are a great addition to SP Ranches.  Tamworth Pigs have been in the United States since 1882. These pigs do not do well in "Modern Production" or being raised in "Crates". Tamworth pigs are slow growers, known for their great tasting, lean meat with a good texture and love to graze and root in the pasture and in the woods. 

 With a desire to help the Tamworth  Pigs continue to recover from being on the Endangered Watch List moving from "Critical", to "Threatened", and now on the "Watch" list. SP Ranches believing in the Tamworth Pig breed also offer our Tamworth Pigs For Sale.  Selling Registered Breeding Stock,  feeder pigs, butcher hogs.

Our Tamworth Pigs are separated into several herds. We have two registered breeding boars, Rex and Archie, and 8 registered breeding sows. Our pigs are in herds based on their size. We move our pigs through what we call Tamworth Valley much like our cattle, but on a slower schedule. Because they are heritage pigs, it's vital that they are able to act as a wild pig would. Their paddocks include both pasture and woods so that they can graze as well as root for grubs and roots.