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SP Ranches began in 2012 with five heifer calves. Founder, David Staggs, wanted to learn how to grow grass naturally using the cattle as the workers. Since then we have acquired the main  SP Ranches property, grown our cattle herd, begun a herd of Heritage Tamworth Pigs, and added a variety of other animals including chickens, goats, rabbits, ducks, and, coming soon, honey bees.

To provide quality products that are healthier for you, your families, and our animals  and that give back to our land the natural way.

SP Ranches

Brooke Staggs

Finding the right care givers for SP Ranches' animals is an important part of SP Ranches.  Our caregivers are there to love and care for the animals and to help them have healthy, happy lives in a stress-free, chemical-free environment.  We have given most of our animals their own names and a handful of them even come when called! The caregivers take time 7 days a week to give the animals positive attention. Our Tamworth pigs love things like belly rubs, being scratched behind their ears, or just a good back scratch. The chickens love to follow the caregivers around, love being held, and, yes, an occasional ride in the truck for that extra attention. The cows love alfalfa cubes, getting nose kisses, getting belly rubs, ear rubs, chest rubs, and booty scratches. The rabbits love playing in their outdoor playpen, taking naps in the caregivers laps, and snuggles. The goats give the best hugs and are very playful.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and to learn from each opportunity that comes up. Plans for a larger pasture set up to move boars and sows into a controlled breeding area and rotational grazing is on the drawing board as well as other changes to Tamworth Valley. 

SP Ranches is changing our cattle herd from Black Angus to South Poll Cattle . We were so impressed with Greg  Judy's

 methods of rotational grazing and his herd that we followed his method. We use rotational grazing methods to move our cattle daily and our South Poll herd comes from his ranch. By only allowing our cattle to eat grass from birth onward, we are one of the few ranches that raise true grass-fed, grass-finished beef. 


David Staggs

SP Ranches' Continual Learning and Investing in the care of our Animals

Our mission statement

Railcar Farmers Market 

Van Alstyne, Texas

Tuesdays, 4p-7p, starting April 16th



Downtown Denison Farmers Market at Gateway Village

Denison, Texas

Wednesdays, 3p-6p, starting April 17th


Downtown Denison Farmers Market

Denison, Texas

Saturdays, 9a-Noon, starting April 13th


Bon Appetit, Y'all

Sherman, Texas

Saturdays, 9a-Noon, starting April 13th


Celina Friday Night Farmers Market

Celina, Texas

1st Friday of each month, 6p-9p


Bon Appetit, Y'all Farmers Co-op

Twice Monthly Meal Boxes

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Local Farm Collective

Weekly Grocery Deliver Service

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Lettuce Induldge Food Truck

Denison Food Truck Park


DDFM Spring Farm 2 Table Dinner

5 course dinner and in-ground hog roast

Sat, May 18, 7pm, SP Ranches

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