About Us

SP Ranches beginnings go back to 2012 with a dream of improving a quality of life starting with grass fed beef. The first thing we learned is that it wasn't the cattle but the grass that is our largest asset. Using the rotational grazing plan taught by Greg  Judy, we have seen the benefits first hand.  It is a big part of helping improve the grasses of SP Ranches.  From the start to the finish of grazing,  the pastures may sit, at times, 6 months before the cattle return to the grazed area where the rotation began.  The feces the South Poll cattle leave behind works as a natural fertilizer.  The feces attract insects that break it down, which in return, helps grow healthier grass.    

Tamworth Pigs were the second addition to SP Ranches in 2014 and are a great addition to SP Ranches.  Tamworth Pigs have been in the United States since 1882. These pigs do not do well in "Modern Production" or being raised in "Crates". Tamworth pigs are slow growers, known for their great tasting, lean meat with a good texture and love to graze and root in the pasture and in the woods.

 With a desire to help the Tamworth  Pigs continue to recover from being on the Endangered Watch List moving from "Critical", to "Threatened", and now on the "Watch" list. SP Ranches believing in the Tamworth Pig breed also offer our Tamworth Pigs For Sale.  Selling Registered Breeding Stock,  feeder pigs, butcher hogs.  

The most recent addition to SP Ranches are our loved Rhode Island Red Chickens laying their large brown pasture raised eggs. You may ask why chickens? With SP Ranches using No Fertilizers or Chemicals of any kind we were in need of a way to control flies on our cattle. The use of Orange Oil has been helpful but only giving the cattle temporary relief. We are currently learning about our Rhode Island Reds and how to care for these wonderful chickens. In the spring we plan to add to our flock and add chicken tractors to allow our chickens to follow behind the cattle and help control the flies the natural way. 

SP Ranches Mission Statement 

To provide quality products that are healthier for you, your families, and our animals  and that give back to our land the natural way.

SP Ranches Continual Learning and Investing in the care of our Animals and Birds

Finding the right care givers for SP Ranches animals is an important part of SP Ranches.  At SP Ranches our caregivers are there to do just that. To love and care for the animals to help them have healthy happy lives in a stress free chemical free environment.  We have given most of our animals there own names. A few of the cows actually appear to know their names as well as the pigs. The caregivers take time daily  with all the animals of SP Ranches. Our Tamworth pigs love things like belly rubs, being scratched behind their ears, or just a good back scratch. The chickens love to follow the caregivers around, love being held, and yes an occasional ride in the truck for that extra attention. This is caregiver Kinsey's passion. She comes out after school simply to love on the animals. 

We are constantly looking at ways to improve and to learn from each opportunity that comes up. Plans for a larger pasture set up to move boars and sows into a controlled breeding area and rotational grazing is on the drawing board as well as other changes to Tamworth Valley. 

SP Ranches is changing our cattle herd from Black Angus to South Poll Cattle . We were so impressed with Greg  Judy  methods of rotational grazing and his herd we followed Greg Judy rotational grazing methods as well as  purchasing our South Poll cattle directly from Greg  Judy knowing we were getting true grass fed cattle to start our South Poll herd.